Our qualification standards are bench marked against internationally renowned training and evaluation programs. Therefore ensuring that the responding K9 teams are able to provide the best possible opportunity of finding and reuniting lost loved ones.

SMART Tac team of trainers have a combined experience of over 30 years training Search, Rescue and Recovery K9’s and handlers. We pride ourselves not only on being able to train the dog in front of us and adapt the training program to suit the individual dog, but to also train the human in front of us and adapt to their learning needs.

We have experience of training thousands of people encompassing many disciplines in environments from South Africa to Afghanistan.

We use the latest knowledge of the cognitive abilities of dogs and humans to make the learning process, efficient and effective, culminating in highly effective teams that can deploy functionally in the required environment.  



Our training covers all K9 SAR skills and knowledge. In addition, we provide all necessary additional skills and knowledge such as Disaster First Responder, Abseiling / Hoisting, Helicopter Familiarization and Law pertaining to searching for Human Remains and preservation of crime scenes. 

SARR Training Disciplines included are:

  • Open Area / Wilderness 
  • Disaster (Both above HR and Live Find)
  • Trailing 

Inc Dual Purpose dogs.

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K9 ECC (Emergency Casualty Care) Training

SMART Tac K9 has developed a specialised course for K9 handlers from all working dog disciplines who are faced with the possibility of a catastrophic injury or condition with their K9 whilst carrying out their every day duties. There are many similarities between human and K9 Emergency care however, there are also many differences.

This is not a “first aid” course. It is a course that revolves around the necessity to keep your injured or sick K9 alive long enough to be able to get to definitive medical care (Veterinary surgery).

Subjects covered include catastrophic blood loss, heat exhaustion, dehydration, shock, pneumothorax.

The K9ECC IFAK comes with an aide-memoire to ensure the functional skills and knowledge are backed up and useable long into the further.

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